Animal Farm

Russell Walker


Napoleon thinks he is the best. That pigs don't need to work and are better than all the other animals. He tells everybody what to do but he does no work. He has figured out that he likes being drunk. Now he is going to plant a field of barley. He is "The Comrade" or "the Leader".
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The Battle of the Windmill

The farmers come in with one thing to do explode the windmill. They do it and succeed at it. Then Squealer thinks it was a win so he comes over to congratulate everyone. Really it was a loss though. He didn't know because he was gone during the fight.
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When Napoleon takes over

When Napoleon is the leader, he decides to build the windmill. He then decides that the pigs are going to sleep in the house. So the seven commandments are starting to be broken. Now he decides that he is going to walk on two legs and wear humans clothes. Also that the pigs will be taught in a school.
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The First Time the Windmill fell down

They blamed it on snowball but it really wasn't him. It was that they had not built it good enough. Napoleon isn't going to blame anything on himself though. So this time he tells them they are building it better. They do but not good enough for it not to explode when the farmers come to destroy it.
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