The New Deal Program

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

What did the CCC do?

The CCC provided unskilled manual labor jobs for about 3 million unmarried young men. The CCC worked in conservation and development of land resources owned by federal, state, and local governments. They planted 3 billion trees to replace the forests that had been devastated by unregulated industrialization.
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Who did it help and how did it help?

The money that the men earned was sent to their families to be used in any way. This helped the families back home and other people. Also when they were working they constructed lasting work that is still around for us now. It helped juveniles get off the street and get money back into the circulation. Also, not as many jobs were left so those that stayed had an easier getting a job.

Your taxes

Your taxes is going to a good cause. We are using this money to clean up the woods, waters, and everything to do with environment. You need clean air to breath and good soil to farm.

How did the CCC help the Economy.

More than $125,000 a month thus was pumped into the state's economy from the CCC. They also got paid $30 but $25 had to go back home to their families. They helped put revenue back into the government to help money flow again.

The CCC is the group to join, we need to fix the environment! We will get the economy back on track!