3rd Grade Stars

Room 207's Classroom Newsletter: January 2020

Student Spotlight

This month, we first did our multiplication snowmen. It was fun! When we started we had to pick our numbers to use with our snowman. We did multiplication and division with the numbers we picked. When were done putting the numbers on the snowballs and guled snowballs on the snowmen, we put it above our lockers.

One of Mrs. Jordan’s former dancer students came to talk to us about the American Revolution that took place in 1765-1783. She also read a book about the American Revolution and talked about what took place during the event. We also met officer Regal and he taught us about safety rules and stranger danger. After the presentation, Officer Regal gave us awesome pencils that change color. He works for all of the schools in our district. We will meet with Officer Regal again when we come back from winter break.

Student from Maine East came here and sang christmas songs and other songs. Everyone in the gym even sang along to one of the songs. That song was Rudolph! The Choir was singing a pop song and a boy was beatboxing too! There was a teen that was very brave and sang a very great solo. We also listened to the Demon Strings.

We loved learning new science stuff! We did fun activities like a scavenger hunt. What we did was we had a paper and there were some clues to find the next picture.

By: Kevin, Atiqullah, Yasir, and Hibba

Happy Birthday!!!

August: Zurriat

October: Amna, Lithanya, and Mike

November: Etga, Arrav, and Sumitra

January: Mrs. Jordan, Pankhuri, Mariam, Raahim, and Anastasia

December Bravery Award Winners

Yasir & Anastasia


Students will continue working on Module 3, and then begin Module 4 about halfway through January.

Fluency Songs:

Module 4: In this 20-day module, students explore area as an attribute of two-dimensional figures and relate it to their prior understandings of multiplication. In Grade 2, students partitioned a rectangle into rows and columns of same-sized squares and found the total number by both counting and adding equal addends represented by the rows or columns (2.G.2, 2.OA.4).

Science, Reading, & Writing

Students will be incorporating science, reading, and writing while they create a "My Life as An Animal" project. Students will research about their animals using nonfiction texts and take notes. Students will explore the appearance, behavior, diet, and life cycle of their animal. After students create their project, they will write an expository paper about their animals, and then publish their work by creating a book using Book Creator.


For Unit 2 in Reading, students worked on "Determining Importance in Expository Texts."

We will begin Unit 3 during January. Unit 3 focuses on Character Studies. "This unit spotlights the study of character and bring young readers on an intellectual journey akin to the one that characters go on in books. In Bend I, we will focus on how readers get to know characters by studying them deeply, first observing, then coming up with hunches or ideas, and then investigating patterns that reveal deeper character traits and motivations in order to articulate evidence-based theories."

Reading Logs

Students now have a reading log that should stay in their Take Home Folder, and one for their Reading folder. Logs should be filled out every time students read. Logs will be checked on Fridays.

6 Flags- Read to Succeed

Read to Succeed is an exciting program that encourages students in grades K through 6 to read for fun. Students who complete six hours of recreational reading earn a free ticket to Six Flags! This program is a great way to motivate kids to read. This year Six Flags Read To Succeed is using eReading Logs where parents register their own students using our special code: YQYG1. Register your child today: sixflags.com/books .
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Emergency School Closing Information

  • Emergency School Closings: How can you find out if school is closed?

    • Check this website. Closing notifications are posted as soon as the decision is final.
    • Follow the District on Facebook and Twitter - this is often the quickest way to get the information.
    • Check your email and listen for phone calls and texts. The District uses its Swift K12 system (see below) to notify all families and staff.
    • If you're in the neighborhood, pay attention to the digital signs at all of our schools and the District office. When there is a school closing, that information will override all other messages.
    • Closings are broadcasted on most local TV and radio stations.

    Winter Closing Guidelines: District 63 relies on a variety of factors when making the decision to close schools and works cooperatively with a number of area school districts.

Phone/Email/Text Notification

  • Parent Alert System: District 63's parent notification system, Swift K12, enables D63 to text, call, and email families and staff very quickly. The system utilizes the email addresses and phone numbers parents and staff have provided to the school and District as their official contact information. Please make sure you have provided your school office with accurate information so you can be reached. This is the primary means of communication in an emergency.

Important January Dates

Monday, 12/23- Friday, January 3, 2019: Winter Break

Monday, 1/6/19: Classes Resume

Tuesday, 1/7: 3rd Grade Bullying Presentation

Monday, 1/20: No School- MLK

Wednesday, 1/29: Early Dismissal @ 11:30am- School Improvement Day

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Happy Holidays

I hope everyone has a fantastic winter break and enjoys spending time with family and friends. Have a safe, happy, and healthy New Year!