Jacksons Pesidency

Jacksons inauguration

Jacksons inauguration was held in 1829. there were hundreds of people there partying and havng fun because thats what ordinary people did to celebrate wich upheld President Jacksons nickname aas the Common Man president. This was one of the reasons why everyone loved jackson.

The Spoils System

The Spoils System was a way to reward people who supported or helped you in some way. Jackson used this system to reward h is supporters, from the 1828 election by giving them government jobs. It didn't matter if the person was educated or not Jackson was thankful for their help so he gave them important jobs to show that the people where represenyted

The Trail of Tears

the trail of tears was when the u.s kicked all of the native Americans out of there land,Because the u.s wanted there fertile soil.The u.s relocated them to Oklahoma in the cold winter,during a drought so many of the native Americans died from sickness disease and starvation.

View point of a native american about president jackson

Jackson is a tyrant. we have lived in these lands for hundreds of years and now because they are bigger than us they think they can kick us out of our own land.Jackson is terrible,even though we have changed much of our society to try to fit in with the white men we are still rejected and treated as lees than human i hope to kill that horrible man one day.

point of view of a southern farmer of president jackson

President Jackson is exactly what this country needs. He is a hardworking man that knows the struggles of an average american citizen because he was one and he doesn't his high position government change what he thinks of the poor farmer folks who have to work day and night to make a living and he is so great that he is relocating the native savages to Oklahoma so we can have much more fertile farm land that we can buy i have no idea what i would do if president Jackson was not elected.
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Jackson taking down the national bank.

Jackson did not like the idea of a national bank but the real problem for him was that he hatted the people running it mr bittle and Henry clay so Jackson took money out of the bank illegally and it in banks all across the united states so the bank had no money to operate or do business and shut down.