help to survive on amazon

by Osvaldo Carrillo


My plane crashed and some how i survived.My plane crashed on the amazon rain forest i need to survive to find help.The climate of the rain forest is rainy.The temperature is low with all the rain you can die with frost bite.Its going to be hard to pass by things because its topical

Step one

In the rain forest it rains a lot so you need to make a shelter above ground because some animals can hurt you.

Step two

Need to make a fire it helps by giving warmth and less animals and fly's

Step three

if you don't have fresh water find a metal bucket get water and put it close to the fire for it have disinfect the water.

Step four

You need to get a weapon to defend ageists animals or people that want to kill you if you kill a animal you have food just have to cook it its not going to taste the same as home but its going to help you survive.
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emarlad boa,sarasal piranha and arapaima

if you kill theirs fish you can have fish for launch there are dangerous like the piranha

pitcher plant, orchids flower, and Bromolinds

three types of fowers in the amozon