Kennedy's Fight for Freedom

Jordan Cunninghan, Jake Marsico, Josiah Miller

Kennedy's Youth


  • John, Fitzgerald,Kennedy; he wa born May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. His family consisted of his father John Kennedy, his mother Rose, and nine siblings, four boys and five girls.
  • In his early years he spent his time doing many activities such as football, on the junior varsity team, swimming and golf. His family was considerably wealthy which allowed him to enjoy most things the average child couldn't during his time.

(John on the Football team)

  • As a kid John was often sick. After contracting the Scarlet fever at three years of age, the rest of his life he was left with its side effects.
  • He entered Harvard in 1936
  • By 1940 he had undergraduate degree
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(Kennedy in the Navy)

Election Of 1960

Republican Richard Nixon

  • Known as the Vice-President under Dwight Eisenhower
  • Was very nervous and sweaty at presidential debates
  • Portrayed as the average American
Democratic John Kennedy
  • Former Senator from Massachusetts
  • First Roman Catholic to run for presidency

(JFK & LBJ campaign pins)

  • Was a World War II Navy veteran
  • Attended presidential debates looking formal
  • Came from a wealthy background
  • Had a large women vote
The Outcome
John F. Kennedy won the presidential election with a mere 100,000 votes more than Nixon. It was one of the closest elections in history.
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(States visual of 1960 election)

Kennedy's Domestic Agenda

Concerning domestic priorities, John focused on the economic growth, welfare, space program, and civil rights of the country.

Economic Growth

  • He wanted government intervention in the economy
  • Wanted to end U.S. military intervention in Vietnam
  • Had two big tax cuts, one business related and one personal
  • His plan for economic growth eventually failed
  • Wanted to provide health care for elderly called medicare
  • Charged with an attempt to socialize medicine and a threat to individual freedom
  • Welfare plan failed as well

(Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed by JFK)

Space Program
  • Russians sent a man to orbit earth sparking a strong movement in the U.S. program called NASA
  • John Glenn Jr. became first american to orbit earth
  • Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon
  • American confidence was restored
Civil Rights
  • Non-violence demonstrations forced Kennedy to act on civil rights
  • June 11, 1963, JFK call for national participation in civil rights laws over national television after desegregating Alabama
  • Kennedy then creates the federal Civil Rights act of 1964
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(First Man on Moon)

Kennedy's Assassination

Date and Location
  • November 22, 1963, Dallas Texas
  • In a Lincoln Convertible on a 10 mile motorcade through the streets
  • Died 30 minutes later at Dallas Parkland Hospital
  • Was 46 years old when he died

(JFK's Funeral)

  • Shot by Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Three shots fired from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building
LBJ and Governor
  • Governor Connally was seriously injured as well
  • Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson was three cars behind JFK when he was shot
  • LBJ was sworn into office in just two hours after JFK's death
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(When JFK was first shot)

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