October 2020

High School and Beyond Plan Update

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Greetings from the High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) Office!

This month, the HSBP focus is on creating is on creating four year course plans. Course plans are an important part of planning for high school graduation and for course experiences while in high school. Continue reading October's HSBP Newsletter for more information on the topics.

We look forward to working with you!

-Dr. Johns

HSBP Coordinator

Four Year High School Course Plan

Creating a Four Year Plan in the HSBP Portfolio

A student's four year plan for high school is one of the most important elements of the HSBP portfolio. Students create their four plan in grade 8 and then update it each year as they discover connections between career and educational goals. When a student creates a four year plan, they will need to document their postsecondary plans and graduation pathway.

Postsecondary Plans students are are documenting the plans that they currently have for the year after high school.

Graduation Pathway students indicate if they are planning for the “Career/Technical Field”, “General Post Secondary Education”, or “Military Enlistment”, each of these options has a different indicator that signifies preparedness to leave high school and pursue this pathway. For more information about Graduation Pathway options, please watch this video.

Step-by-step directions for creating students' four year plans can be found in this link (can be translated into different languages using Google: File>Language>Select the language that you want to view the instructions in): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yhsXdEAbLk1LB45fjaBe3Kp1H0GNSKLYUeCYin3U9Yg/edit?usp=sharing

OR you can download directions using the link below:

Take the four year plan to the next step: add courses!

Each year students register for courses for the next year and those plans must be reflected in the students' HSBP four year course plan. The courses that students are planning to take in high school should align with students' career and educational goals - which are explored and document in the students' HSBP portfolio. Taking the time to plan and document high school courses in the HSBP portfolio will assist students with the monitoring of their progress towards graduation.

Students can use the Mariner 2020/2021 Course Guide for course descriptions and information about graduation requirements.

Step-by-step directions for creating students' four year plans can be found in this link:


OR you can download directions using the link below:

Just a Reminder of the Required Elements of an HSBP!

  • Identification of students' career goals using career interest inventories.
  • Identification of students' educational goals.
  • A four-year course plan with an individualized personalized pathway that fulfills graduation requirements and aligns with students' career and educational goals, with information about academic acceleration (RCW 28A.320.195), dual credit courses, Career and Technical Education programs, and graduation pathway options.
  • By the end of 12th grade, a current résumé.
  • If students have not met standard on their state assessment (Smarter Balanced Assessment), this plan must include interventions and academic supports, additional courses, or both that will enable the student to meet the high school graduation requirements.
  • Identification of students' "Pathway to Graduation" and "Post Secondary Plan"
  • Evidence that student has received information on federal and state financial aid programs.

(https://www.sbe.wa.gov/our-work/high-school-and-beyond-plan, https://www.k12.wa.us/sites/default/files/public/ossi/k12supports/careercollegereadiness/careerguidancewa/pubdocs/whatishsbp.pdf)

Mariner HSBP Department

Ms. Savannah Powers

Mariner High School HSBP Specialist

Dr. Alexandria Johns

Mukilteo School District HSBP Coordinator