Air-Sea Connection

How are the ocean and the atmosphere connected?

What causes the air to be connected to the sea?

One reason the sea and air is connected is the sun, the sun heats up the air causing winds, the sun also heats up the ocean, causing currents. so the sun fuels both wind and currents.
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What is air?

Air is the mixture of many different gasses in the atmosphere, the two most abundant gasses in the air are, Nitrogen and Oxygen.

What is the atmosphere?

The atmosphere is the layers of air that surround the earth, the atmosphere is broken up into Five main areas.

What are the five main layers if the atmosphere?

The five main layers of the atmosphere from closest to farthest are troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and the exosphere. Each layer has its own properties.

What are the properties of the Troposphere?

The troposphere contains around 80% of the atmosphere, and is where we live and make weather observations. the troposphere also has a varying thickness, around the equator the thickness is around 16 km wile around the poles the thickness is around 8 km.

What are the properties of the Stratosphere?

the stratosphere is the layer of the atmosphere that contains the ozone layer, the ozone is a layer of special oxygen molecules that protects the earth from the suns harmful UV rays. the stratospheres structure is dominated by the absorption of the UV rays by the ozone.

What are the properties of the Mesosphere?

The mesosphere is the layer above the Stratosphere and is considered the coldest layer of the atmosphere, as the altitude increases the temperature decreases. its average temperature is around -90 degrees Celsius.

What are the properties of the Thermosphere?

the Thermosphere is the layer above the Mesosphere and is considered the warmest layer of the atmosphere, the temperature rises with altitude. the ionosphere is contained in the thermosphere, the ionosphere is the reason the auroras occur in the thermosphere.

What are the properties of the Exosphere?

The Exosphere is the thin outermost layer of the atmosphere and at this point you are basically in outer space, the temperature drops dramatically.

What is the Coriolis effect?

The Coriolis effect is the spinning effect that is a result of the winds in each hemisphere, in the southern hemisphere the winds cause a clockwise spin on the air.