Gaming History

Ivan Valerio


Did you know that 75% of households play video games, and with many different consoles? They have a wide varity of games, but they are all different, based on the technology. But how are we to know the order of games, and consoles we've played, and how we use them to this day?

Consoles through the years.

Nintendo, and Sony both had there early technology consoles. Most had black and white picture when it first started. Quality which is important when it comes to seeing the game, was terrible, and gamplay wasn't really all that great. Really feeling a true game experience was hard back then, but that was before it evolved.

Our advanced technology today really effects the games we play. This new technology which is used in consoles like the Xbox 1, and Playstaion 4 playing video could never be so enhanced. We can play our games with people around the world, like Mexico, Cananda, and even Japan! So much technology has modified these games by breathtaking levels.

How we play old and new games today.

Today we can still play our old games even if new technology evolves. When our games are left behind to dust, we can still play them on our more advanced systems. This is great because when we think we need to evolve and leave our games behind, our old games can now evolve, and advance with us.