Six Poems

By Garrett Van Etten


Garrett Van Etten was born in Hamilton Texas as the third of the Van Etten Boys, within a year moved to Stephenville Texas were he lived for seven years. With only his much older brothers, or the adult neighbors to be friends with, he was very different. His family and God being the only true things in his daily life they grew a great importance to him. He was moving from a apartments to with family to a new house visiting a different school each year, not growing close to anyone his age. However, his life changed forever when he joined Chisholm Trail Middle School, and made many close and lasting friends, and most importantly: joined orchestra. Later he picked up a second instrument. From there he only learned more and got pulled more in. This made his world expand of three main loves (in no order): God, music and family.

"where i'm From" (autobiographical)

I am from full plates, and from Nintendo and Microsoft.

I am from a bigger house full of warmth

(dark wood to the light walls and the calming decorations).

I am from the trees, the tall big and, over watcher trees

I am from thw meal we eat together and the stubbornness we all share, from Dad and Zach to Logan.

I am from the short temper and big headed we share.

From “God is good, God is great”.. and always to say please and not to forget thank you.

I am from the strong closeness we have to God. As we will always prey before dinner, and discuss and or think of him contently

I'm from the glacial water's the Vikings swam in to the roote'n shoote'n Lone Star State, and the meatloaf and potpies, as we are filled with more than the outside would preserve.

From the trip my great grandfather took from Germany to here, and the the conflict my grandfather fought in, and the hard work my father did while going to school being a father of three and going to work full time.

I am from pictures by the fireplace, the crushed pennies, and pictures of all of the major events of generations. The pictures are warmer than the the fireplace, the pennies are a passport of where I've been, and pictures that could montage my life and many outers.

Narrative-The Never Ending Hunt

It was a warm, yet cool evincing,

but a special one for me as I was about

to become eight tomorrow, and I was


I couldn't wait

I always enjoyed my birthday more than most and

I was excited because it was the start of a now tradition

I was going to participate in a scavenger hunt

I didn't know that

I would be racing around the entire resort

Its was a resort vacation for the family

and coincidentally had it it fell on my

worse birthday, or so I thought until…


I was ready to race like a marathon

I knew it was going to be long but not this large

I just tried to wait while they hid the clues

I just watched TV and waited for I knew when they came back that

I could start

I was ready and

I was so ready to start, then

I heard the door open and

I read the first clue and it alone told me that it was

This was around the entire resort,

I would soon find out. The first clue led to

the pool then the washroom, then the park

to the entry gate to the club house to the restaurant

and so in until finally I went to the final location


I read the final clue hidden in a tree as it stated: “why have

been ruining around where it was at the start all along?”

I bolted back to the cabin and

I was so surprised as there was a party also prepared, so

I got my prize and enjoyed it as such as it was one of the toys that

I was asking for paired with a movie, but besides that a better gift was the memory that

I got for going on this hunt

I would do it again anytime

Structure-Music is not just sound

Big image

Ode-(Ode to my Old viola)

We went through it all from hot summer days, and cold, frozen... desolate nights.

We saw my first famous idol and played my first full symphony; Beethoven's Ninth, or Ode to Joy.

We lived through my first covers and medleys with Mark Wood and his full synthesized rock concert

We played from Mozart and Beethoven to One Republic and Pharrell Williams

We were never the X factor, and maybe

We weren't the best of the best, but

We stayed together and

We were together

We were one

I devoted two years of my and your life to you improving each outer

I don't mind to sound cheesy but,

I would like to say we were in a relationship, but it's not you its me

I realize that being in a dark, solitary.., troglodyte case

I know its my idea to protest you like Rapunzel, but

I also don't want to be Macbeth and end up with a blood bath

I want to help… but want to not hurt you.. even more

I want to be your Saviour not your ultimate desolation

I want you to be safe and you want to live… and be free

You have to understand that

You where my life for two years and I cared for

You and maybe this is my goodbye to

You, but maybe this is my reintroduction and hello to you.

You used to sing and breathe, as it was common and daily, but now

You just sit and wait I'm sure

You are longing for the day when

You will be played again and be come to life again

You probably are aching at the thought of being so close… but – even… further.. away

Extended Metaphor-The Geode's "inside"

I am a geode

The geode may just be a rock but to me it's a ugly rock

that no person could want, but the inside is what every

one wants, but if they dislike the geode from the beginning

then it's for nothing…

The geode just is a rock with a nice pretty inside, but

Need to be weathered, or broken to see the inside.

I roll with whats happening and go with the flow,

but I'm nothing to be pushed around

The geodes inside is made from ext ream pressure

and stress on it how ever the color was decided from

the begging as the conditions around it where it started to

be formed the pressure and chemicals decide that, but

two geodes made at the same place but different time can

result completely different crystal formation

Geodes are hard to break but when done

is worth the wait if it is indeed a geode

Geodes are worth waiting to see if you are determined enough

because you must find one then go through the

process of releasing the crystals

from their cold dark prison they are just waiting for the right person

to have such qualities and determination even if that means forever...

You cant really tell if it a geode that made its way through

the Earth to the surface or just another rock the only

way to tell it to break it to see.


I have a deep love for three main things in my life (no exact order):God, music, and family. Most of my poems are about my music, as I have many different perspectives, and angles and as Ludwig Van Beethoven said: "Don't just practice your art, but force your way into it's secrets". I try every day to do just that to understand the secrets inside, hidden within, the music. I experienced this love the most in the autobiographic poem talking about all my loves in life, witch really helped me get into it. I also enjoyed the ode as it was completely original. talking about my past as i look at what is now one the most important times in my life. I also enjoyed making my rhyme and alliteration inside the poem, additionally the stanzas all have their own story and tone. I hoped to draw in the reader by talking about personal and possibly relatable scenarios. Besides just talking about subject i try to bury secrets inside my poems for anyone willing to look for them. I really liked writing most of the poetry, but the more structured ones I hated (sonnet), but i tried to make it as fun as possible without breaking the rules of a sonnet.