Balloon toss!!!!

Have a go, you'll only get soaked!

What is it?

Balloon toss is a fun game where you fill balloons with water and try to hit the targets, different targets give different prizes and if you don't get any luck, try again!

For 50c you can throw three water balloons and for $1 you can throw five!! What a good deal.

Come to Gladesville's Year 6 fete to have a go!

Guranteed fun!

More Info

You will need at least two targets, water balloons, buckets and a very strong throw! Your aim is too hit a target. For the closest target you receive a candy necklace or a starburst lolly (your choice). For the second furthest away you will get a packet of waterbeads or pack of skittles and for the furthest away one you will get a small soft toy!

So cool down and just have fun!