Grade 3's Science Carnival

Come see what the third graders have been working on!

Step right up!

The grade 3 classes at Plum Tree Park Public School have been working hard the past few months learning about structures and forces that cause movement in science class. Together they are creating wonderful games to display their knowledge and talents. We will be holding our first annual SCIPALOOZA for families and friends to come check out their work!


Thursday, April 28th, 6pm

6855 Tenth Line West

Mississauga, ON

Come one, come all!

Admission to the carnival is free. There will be snacks and refreshments for a small price. All money raised will go towards the grade three trip to the Ontario Science Centre!

Refreshments will include cotton candy, popcorn, candy apples and more.

Step right up and enjoy yourself!

The night will begin at 6pm and families can explore the carnival as they please.

The Carousel (Happy Carnival/Funfair Music)