The Civil War

Archmedies Harris

Struggles with Slavery

North vs South. South wanted slavery all there lands wanted slave and I think their lazy because slaves do all your work and you dont do nothing 36 percent of there land were slaves. North dint like slavery they hated it 99 percent were non-slaves and 1 percent were slaves

The Underground Railroad!

The Underground Railroad was a railroad that was secret. No Slave catchers known were it was. But when the owners heard about it they were furious of anger. Dred Scott owner died so he thought he was free. But the Supreme Court said he wasnt free and said he wasnt even a Citzen of the U.S. So Scott had a diffrent owner.

16 Presdent

It was a war for 16 presdent . The Republican in Illinois chose Abraham Lincoln for presdent in 1858. Abraham Lincoln vs Stephen Douglas vs John Breckenridge. The Northens voted for Lincoln and he WON! South was scared that he was gonna take away slavery. But later confedrate got a presdent in Jefferson Davis.

Jefferson Davis


The Confederate (South) and The Union (North) fought in 1861. Confederate wore gray and The union wore blue. Conferdarate won first battle of the war in Fort Sumter in 1861. The South started out strong winning 13-7 and 3 no victory. September 17 is when most people died on any other day. Than north set up a blockcade because remeber they had a factory so they made swords and stuff and started winning but the Union got hungary and South remember they had farm land.

Union Factory (Top) South Farmland (Bottom)

Bleeding Kansas

This is between if Kansas should be a slave state. People rush to vote south wanted it to be a slave state and now Kansas is a slave state.