Slot Cars

The Toy of The 1900's

Slot cars

The slot car was the top early 1900's toy. A slot car is a car that has a metal pole on the bottom and connects to the slot and when you pulled the trigger, on the controller, to make it go. Electricity would run and make the slot car go.The slot car was like video games for kids before kids even knew what that meant. It is a toy that both kids and adults. Even though it is a two or more player toy, you could learn the secret of how fast to go at certain points and how slow you go at certain points.This toy was the 1900's toy for kids and adults because it's fun, passes time, and is a little competitive.

What are we doing now?

Now, instead of playing slot cars, they're actually playing with new awesome toys than retro cool toys like slot cars. They're making video games and toys that aren't fun for the whole family. These people ruin the fun for everyone who wants to do something, but instead are playing some game that will waste time for everyone. Yeah, I play video games, but I have fun with my family afterword. What I'm try to say is don't get caught up in a game or toy and forget about family.

Differences and similarities between slot cars and remote control cars

Slot cars and remote control cars are different and the same at the same time. A couple differences they have is that the controller is different. Another way is the car size is sometimes gigantic to the other size. But some similarities are they're both models of cars and are very fun to play with.
On Board Slot Car Camera at Slot Car City - (808-16 Mini)