Google Glass

The Google Glass are augmented reality glasses devoloped.


This report talks about Google Glass.

A Google Glass is used to would display information available to users smartphone without using your hands.

I have chosen this topic because currently there are a lot of apps and this is the future.


One advantatge of Google Glass is a Easy operate and convey information without the conventional hands on method.The other advantages is a Superior Technology.

A positive aspect of Google Glass is a make phone calls,sms,emails though Google Glass,no smartpone required.


On the other hand,one disadvantatges to Google Glass is the violation of the law of secrecy of the custodian of this gadget.

Another disadvantatges is a high price. The price tag of 1500$.However,Google Glass used in face identification.


Finally,I would recommend that Google Glass because is a new technology and We hasn't got hands. But, is more insecure. I like it.


Google Glasses Project
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