By: Kailee Godsey


Retains much of the traditions of ancient and medieval times. They say that their faith should be enough and don't have to give things to the church, it's just by faith alone. The bible is the word of God and the standard faith and practice! Systematically developed and express in thoughtful preaching.

Membership size is around 9,580,000

Founder and Beginning

Martin Luther is the founder of this religion, it begun because the church wanted donations, whether items or actual gold, and he didn't like that and thought that it should just be by faith alone. Begun in Germany, 1517 CE.

Beliefs and Holidays, Traditions, etc

Salvation for all, salvation is available to all people as long as they do the redeeming work of god.

A rite would be being baptized. Rituals worshiping God, reading the scripture.

Holidays are Christmas, Easter, Advent the coming of Jesus that is before Christmas explained. Epiphany how god revealed himself and all that, Palm week is a week before Christmas its celebrated because of the entry of Christ in Jerusalem, Good Friday no vestments and paraments, and The feast of Pentecost celebrated seven weeks after Easter.

What separates Lutherans from mainstream Christianity

Both believe in the same thing, it's slightly different. It's only based on pure faith and not giving anything!
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