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Cliques are common in middle and high school, so most students will experience them at some point.

It can be hard to maintain confidence and self-respect while dealing with cliques, but certain strategies are key. Read up on ways to keep cliques from getting the upper hand.

Neil Izenberg, MD

from kids health

How Cliques Make Kids Feel Left Out

A clique is a group of kids who hang out together. It's kind of like a club. The trouble is, the leaders of a clique won't let everyone join. Here's how to handle cliques.

The Scoop on Gossip

Gossiping can hurt someone's feelings, including yours if people are gossiping about you! What should you do?

Kids Talk About: Bullying

Hear what real kids have to say about bullying and how it feels to get bullied or watch it happen to someone else.

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• October 5 / International Positive Post–It Day Safe and Caring encourages you to celebrate this international celebration of caring and positivity in your school, classroom, office or home!. Read our how–to guide in this news bulletin. • November 13 / Random Acts of Kindness Day Join Safe and Caring as we take to social media and the web to celebrate kindness. We will be tweeting from the hashtag #FindKind. • November 15-21 / National Bullying Awareness Week Safe and Caring will be hosting a social media campaign to promote healthy relationships in Alberta schools & communities. #CultureofCaring • October 27 / WE DAY Alberta We Day is a celebration of youth making a difference in their local and global communities. Learn more about the celebration online: http:// • October 4-10 / Mental Illness Awareness Week This year, the theme of Mental Illness Awareness Week is “Stigma Free.” Being Stigma Free means learning about and educating others on mental illness, connecting with people as individuals, and taking action on mental health issues, • October 5 / World Teachers’ Day World Teachers’ Day commemorates teachers and teachers’ organizations worldwide to mobilize support for teachers and ensure they have the tools they need to support future generations.
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