From Wheat to Bread

By: Jack Case-Haub 3SR

Bread in the House

Do you know what B.R.A.T. is? The "t" in B.R.A.T is toast. Like bread.Do you know how this tastiness called bread gets to your table? We'll this book is here to tell you about how bread is made. Did you know wheat can be made into manny things,such as wheat crackers.

The Farm

A farmer plants wheat with a Tracktor. After the wheat is growing and ripening a farmer uses a combine to cut down the wheat. Then the farmer calls up the Truck drivers to come and take the wheat to the factory.

To The Factory

The truck drivers get to the factory.The workers at the factory unload and take the wheat inside the factory. They put the wheat in a giant bowl. Then they mix the ingredients together. Then it is dough. Next the dough is put in the Divider. Then the dough goes down a pipe and on a convaerbelt. Then the dough is shaped. Next they are sprade with flower. Then the dough leaves the divider and goes to the molder. Then during transport the dough drops on a convaerbelt. Also the dough is flatend and rolled. Then it falls into baking bowls. Then the dough is molded. Then the dough goes into the prover,where the dough rises. Next they start to bake. Now the dough has a nice golden coler. Then they are placed on a convaerbelt to cool. When they are done cooling,the bread goes to the slicer. In the slicer the new bread is sliced in half. Fainly the machine brings the bread down and puts the brand new loaves in plastic bags and sends them to the store.

A Couple of Facts

[The only ingredients in bread are dough,flower,and water.]

[Bread is only 1.5g of sugar.]

[Bread has been around since the Egyptians.]

The Store

At the Store they [the truck drivers] take the bread in the store. The store decorates the bags and puts the bread in the wheat section. Come and get some bread at the store and pick the right one!