By Brittany Brandt

Capital and population

The population of the Philippines is 105,720,644 of 13,Feb,2014, the capital is Manila,and below is the countries flag.

Physical feature

Here is a picture of Mount Apo


Here is a map of the country


  1. In 2004 severe storms and mudslides killed about 1,800.
  2. In 2006 people cannot be put to death anymore .
  3. In 2011 over 1,200 people were killed by a typhoon that causes flooding and mudslides .
  4. In 2013 the strongest storm also known as Yolanda kills several thousand Philipinos.

People and Places

  1. Tagalog and english are two official languages in .
  2. English is used in schools,business,and government.
  3. People Who live in the Philippines think that it is rude to speak in a language that the person that you are speaking to can't understand.
  4. Philiopineos have some english in their class.


  1. some kids will play a game called takyan.
  2. In philippines people will eat anything with dog.
  3. Children who lived in villages would fetch water for their parents.
  4. Children would wear casual clothes and dress up for occasions


  1. People work hard and earn extra money and send it back to their families.
  2. Some Philopinos work in the Philippines and other countries.
  3. Many people would sit or hang onto a Jeepeney.
  4. The philipino's currency is called peso.

My Choice

  1. A jeepeny Can carry up to 10-12 passengers.
  2. If someone would want off they would pound or tap the roof of the jeepeny.
  3. The jeepeny is also called a mini bus.

My resources

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