J2 Training - Joan Gore & Janet Corder

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What is Symbaloo?

  • Easy method for curating digital content
  • Webmixes (curated sites) are saved in the cloud, so they are accessible anywhere
  • Visually engaging for students and educators

Symbaloo Lesson Plans

Personalized learning experiences for your students. Create your own or search for lessons created by other educators. Videos, documents, tests and educational games can be a part of the lesson.

*Try a lesson

*Add to your account

*Lesson code for students for tracking progress

*Different types of questions

Symbaloo Certification

The Basic Certification is an introductory course to Symbaloo. Learn all of the ins-and-outs of the tool including, but not limited to: creating perfect webmixes, sharing, embedding, tile grouping, tile marking, lesson planning, and more!

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Tips and Tricks

Creating Folders in Symbaloo
Quick Add for Symbaloo
Symbaloo of Tips and Tricks

NOTE - If you do not see the Edit menu when you right-click, hold the left mouse button down until the icon wiggles and you will then see the Edit Menu.

J2 Training

Joan Gore & Janet Corder
@joangore @corderj