Jeffy's Journal

January 11th to 16th

Here's Jeffy the J-Hawk

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Jeffy is our school mascot.

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Voting For Our Own Athlete of The Week

Senior Edition of Jeffy's Journal

Cap and Gown information is here.

2 Weeks Left In The Semester

For classes that give finals, they will be given

Wednesday, the 20th, and Thursday, the 21st.

Shakespeare 2.020 Virtual Production

Tired of rewatching the same three series on Netflix or Disney Plus? JHS Drama is proud to present our FIRST EVER Virtual Production, SHAKESPEARE 2.020 - An Original Comedy! We will be broadcasting from the Little Theater at 7:00 PM on Fri. 1/15 & Sat. 1/16. Details on how to watch will be available soon on the JHS Drama Website. .

Yearbook Survey - Please Complete, You'll Be Happy You Did

J-Hawks! It is time for another yearbook survey! Put your creative hats on and help us fill this year's book with your memories.

Senior Photo Submission

Senior Photo Submission - due February 1.

To view the requirements and submit, please click on the following link:

Mandatory Football Virtual Meeting

We will have a mandatory football virtual meeting for all players who intend on playing football next season this Wednesday, January 13, @ 7:30 PM. Contact Coach Buesing for details.

We will use our Jefferson Football Classroom link which is here:

The Code to join our Jefferson Football Classroom page for someone who is not currently in, but intends on playing in 2021 is here: sc5otfl

Senior Scholarship Listing

Click here to see a list of scholarship possibilities.

New Student Literary Magazine To Start This Year

Students are creating a literary magazine this year, and would like to invite Jefferson students and staff to share their poetry, art, or stories with the school. Deadline is asap!
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Has Your Password Expired?

Has your password expired? Your new password must:

  • Be at least 8 characters long
  • Include 3 of the following 4 items - uppercase, lowercase, number, symbol
  • NOT include any part of your username
  • NOT be similar to any other recent password.

Changes To Your Remote/Cohort Status

Any student who would like to change needed from 100% remote back to the hybrid model, or hybrid to full time remote, must submit that request to Ms. Bateman. All requests will be processed as received. Students must wait until all changes have been made before beginning in the new cohort.

Attendance Procedure

If a student is not sure why he or she was marked absent or tardy for a class, the first point of contact should be the teacher. The student needs to follow up with the teacher as to the reason why. The teacher will then let the attendance office know if it should be corrected.

Counselor Corner

5 Things Parents Can DO to Support Students Learning Online:
  1. Build a schedule - traditional school provides a lot of structure - online learning has more flexibility. Create a reasonable schedule with your child and post it. Make them stick to it!
  2. Model hard work and perseverance - let them know when you are struggling with something at work and allow them to know how you resolved the issue -
  3. Set up a designated work space with everything needed at the students fingertips
  4. Get to know the online learning platform - Ask your child to show you what they're doing; watch as they attend virtual class, get to know infinite campus and Canvas, and Google Meets etc. Have your child teach you these things. The highest for of learning is when you teach someone else!
  5. Stay in regular communication with your child's teachers and make sure you encourage your child to reach out to the teacher as well.
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Have you purchased your 20-21 Statesman Yearbook yet? The purchasing process is a bit different this year. Instead of receiving a flyer in the mail, you need to log in to Parent Portal of Infinite Campus. When you are in fees, select optional payments and select Yearbook. Contact Deb Floyd at 319-558-2743 for help.

Building Entrance and Breakfast

Students will be able to enter the building from 7:30 am until 7:50 am at any of 5 doors. No students, other than early bird students, will be allowed in the building before 7:30.

  • Both front entrances to the Performing Arts Building
  • Main entrance, under the skywalk
  • Activities entrance
  • Swim doors by gym parking lot

After 7:50, all students will enter at the main entrance, under the skywalk.

Masks and IDs

All students will be required to wear appropriate masks at all times. Masks must cover the mouth and nose at all times. Students may wear a face shield as well, but not in place of a mask. Gators may be worn, but must be folded in half to provide 2 layers, or be 2 layers thick.

Students will be issued IDs and lanyards after school pictures, the 15th and 16th. All students will be required to wear IDs, on the lanyard, while in the building. We will be using scanners and barcodes for Sweeps and during lunch.


City busses will be running, and students are allowed to ride free. Be aware, busses have limited capacities.

City Busses

City bus route #1 is the bus you want to ride to be dropped off at Jefferson.


  • Morning: 6:55, 7:25, 7:55, 8:25, 8:55, 9:55, 10:55, 11:55
  • Afternoons: 12:55, 1:55, 2:55, 3:25, 3:55, 4:25, 4:55, 5:25, 5:55, 6:55

Activities This Week - Attendance Is Limited to 2 Wristbands Per Family

Families will be able to watch the one event. All spectators will need to exit at the end of each game. Fans for the second game will be allowed to enter after all spectators have cleared the gym or pool. Bolded games are home.

  • 5:30 - BBB 9th Blue vs Xavier Navy
  • 6pm - Wrestling Frosh @ Kennedy
  • 7 pm - BBB 9th White vs.Xavier Silver
  • 7 pm - BBB JV vs. Prairie


  • 5 pm - GBB JV2. @ IC HIgh
  • 6 pm - GBB JV1 vs. Waterloo West
  • 6pm - BSW @ Dub. Senior
  • 7:30 pm - GBB Var vs. Waterloo West
  • 7:30 pm - BBB Var @ Waterloo West


  • 5 pm - GBB JV2 @ Dub. Hempstead
  • 6:15pm - Wrestling JV vs. Waterloo East
  • 7 pm - Wrestling Var. vs. Waterloo East
  • 7 pm - Frosh BBB vs. Dub. Wahlert


  • 3:45 pm - Bowling - Boys and Girls JV/Varsity vs. Dub. Senior
  • 6pm - GBB JV1 @ Dub. Wahlert
  • 6pm - BBB Sophs vs. Dub. Wahlert
  • 7:30pm - GBB Var. @ Dub. Wahlert
  • 7:30pm - BBB Varsity vs. Dub. Wahlert


  • 9am - BBB Frosh Tourney @ Kennedy
  • 10 am - Wrestling J-Hawk Invite

District COVID 19 Dashboard

Important Numbers If You Are In Need of Assistance

Need Assistance? We are here to help...

Jefferson Main Office: (319) 558-2435

Mr. Mike Hawley, Principal

Ms. Lorie Bateman, Associate Principal

Mr. Chris Deam, Athletic Director

Mr. Chad Szabo, Associate Principal

Mr. Mike Panoch, Facilitator

Office Staff:

Ms. Lois Bassett, Main Office

Ms. Lori Gunn, Main Office

Ms. Nancy Coffman, Attendance Office (319) 558-2341

Ms. Nicole McCue, Attendance Office (319) 558-2341

Ms. Susan Rumelhart, Nurse (319) 558-3473

Ms. Jackie Simoens, Athletics (319) 558-2148

Ms. Debra Floyd, Bookkeeping (319) 558-2743

Student Services: (319) 558-2441

Brenda Morillo, Counseling Secretary

Nancy Priebe, Special Ed. Compliance Secretary

Kim Abram, Counselor (Freshmen)

Jason Edwards, Counselor (10-12 Students with Last Names A-HA)

Jamie Cummins, Counselor (10-12 Students with Last Names Hb-Pa)

Judy McIntosh, Counselor (10-12 Students with Last Names Pb-Z)

Russ Bush, Technology

Kevin Darrow, PACT

Rebecca Egli, Transition Specialist

Desire To Lead

A group of five female student-athletes participated in a nationwide call-to-action as a part of a leadership development program called Desire to Lead through the Winning Leader program. Allie Barlow, Allison Kingus, Madie Denlinger, Madi Mercil, and Olivia Young took time over the course of a few days to repackage nearly 3,000 diapers into groups of 10 for the Eastern Iowa Diaper Bank. These diapers will be given to families to help ease the burden of buying diapers for their kids. Madi Mercil was able to present this project to a nationwide Facebook Live audience with approximately 650 views in the first day. If you are interested in watching the video, which includes other programs' projects across the country, you can find it here: