The Determination Travels

By: Sydney Miller

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They were hungry

The Donner Party suffered cold temperatures and starvation. They had piled corpses and didn't know what to do with them. They were running out of food. So, they ate the dead to survive. Many women, children, and men persevered to stay alive, but they couldn't with out food.

Too many people, not enough time

The noble Donner Party consisted of 32 people. Each family had to bring their own horses, wagons, food, etc. Since they had over 20 wagons, each carrying the families heavy supplies and luggage, they paraded through the west very slowly. This caused them to slow down and take a lot of breaks in between walks. Luckily, they had the resilience to keep going though.

The Donner Party and World War 1

The Donner Party and World War 1 are similar and different in many ways. In both times cannibalism is occurring. The Donner Party people suffered cold and starvation, so they ate themselves. In the war zone, if men were hungry and without food, they would eat each other. But, in The Donner Party they didn't have a war, like they did in World War 1.

What to do when traveling through a desert

The Donner Party had to travel through the desert to get to California. They had some complications with water, and they ran out. First you want to make sure you have a lot of water. Then, get a way of shelter, for The Donner's it was wagons. Just make sure you keep moving forward and do not yeild. Take rests if you need to and always persevere.
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