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Introduction to science 6

Science 6 consists in many different activities and labs. The first lab you have in science 6 is called the triple beam balance lab. In this lab you are given 4 different objects and a triple beam balance. You are tasked with the challenge of recording all of the measurements of those 4 items. The next lab in science 6 is called the microscope lab. This lab was Patrick Sampouw's (The creator of this Smore) favorite lab. In the microscope lab, you have 1 microscope and 1 partner. The microscope is used to look at objects that you can't see with the naked eye and you will be given the job of looking at small objects with the microscope. The final lab you will experience in the introduction of science 6 is called the mapping lab. You will have a globe and coordinates that you will use to find certain locations around the world. These are all the different activities that are within the introduction of science 6, but there is always much more to do in The World Of Science!

Patrick Sampouw

About me

My name is Patrick Sampouw, and I am the creator of this Smore. I live in Tustin, California, and I go to Pioneer Middle School. I am 11 years old and I am in 6th grade. I am the type of person who likes branching out and trying new things, but my favorite things to do are skateboarding and film making. There is a brief description about who I am. Enjoy the introduction to science 6.

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