By: Neal Shusterman Project By: Zoe Margraf

What is Everlost?

Everlost is a place between living and death. Kids usually get stuck in Everlost due to getting lost on the road to the afterlife. Lost children are called afterlights because of the glow to their skin. Kids of Everlost tend to start forgetting things about the living world. They can even forget how they look making some of them to distort there oringinal figure. Afterlights can't react and see the real world meaning Allie (Main character) cannot go home, leading to a minor conflict.


The setting takes place in Everlost, a place of lost souls. Allie and Nick are found here after dying in a tragic accident on the side of a highway they are found asleep for 9 months. They find their way to a sanctuary where Mary Hightower keeps all the souls of Everlost.



  • 14 year old
  • Died in a car accident
  • Brave and a good leader
  • Has a grudge against Mary Hightower
  • Friends the McGill
  • Becomes a finder (Finds valuables that have crossed into Everlost.)


Allie- Allie is shown to be hot headed, intelligent, and a natural-born leader. She shows being hot headed when she is in Mary's Tower as they begin to bicker and spit venom at each other. At Rockland county, she tricked kids into leaving them alone after she thought of a easy way to giving away her intelligent traits.


  • 14 year old
  • Follower (Not much of a leader)
  • Died in a car accident
  • Loved Mary Hightower
  • Held captive by the McGill
  • Helped Kids into the Afterlife
  • Nicknamed Chocolate Ogre because he died with chocolate on his face
  • He was also nicknamed that due to Mary wanting him to be feared

Lief (Travis)

  • Kid in Everlost
  • 11 year old
  • Has lived in Everlost for years
  • Died in a forest
  • Helped Nick and Allie after dying
  • Didn't remember name till going to the afterlife
  • Passes to the Afterlife after Nick helps him

Mary Hightower

  • Leader of Everlost
  • Written many books about Everlost
  • Died at the age of 15
  • Killed by Train
  • Has lived in Everlost the longest
  • Keeps Afterlights in Everlost forever
  • Hates Allie
  • By the end, Mary lives in an airship finding children to keep

McGill (Mikey)

  • Creature of Everlost
  • Finds children and keeps them captive
  • Is tricked by Allie into becoming Mikey, his original self
  • Is Mary's brother
  • Died by train

First Event

The Drive

Allie and Nick and their parents are compacted into a black Mercedes Benz, when the car goes head-on with another leaving the remains scattered. Among the scattered remains, were the bodies of Allie and Nick found on the dead forest beneath the road. A boy who had been living in the woods ever since his death, Leif, rescued them.

Meeting Mary Hightower

While in the woods Allie and Nick were discovered by Victor, Mary's assistant. Victor leads them to a large tower, where children play and are happy. On the top floor sat Mary. Mary told them more about Everlost, and how it was better than life. Allie began to suspect something when she noticed that many of the kids did the same thing everyday.

The Rut

Allie's suspicions were right, something was going on with the kids. They were in an endless rut of doing the same things over and over everyday. They were in this rut and Mary didn't stop them,she liked them this way. This caused a grudge against Allie and Mary

The Fight

Allie confronts Mary on her actions which causes a huge fight in front of the kids Mary housed. Allie and Mary have a very verbal fight before Allie slaps Mary then makes and exit


There are many examples of good dialogue the author used such as, while Allie and Mary were having a fight in the tower. Allie showed her hot-headed side and revealed Mary's dark side making you re-think how you saw the characters.

The McGill

When Allie leaves she brings Nick and Lief along on their journey to The McGill. The McGill is a creature of Everlost who used to be a kid named Mikey. When they arrive Nick and Lief are captured and hung upside down. Allie is not hung due to her promise to teach the McGill many things that can help him. The McGill approves, but does not know he has fallen for Allie's trap.


Allie goes to find more information about The McGill. She traces him to Mary and finds out they were siblings. On the day of the lesson Allie must give, Allie frees Nick and Lief without The McGill knowing. She then makes the McGill remember who he was. They reveal a 15 year old boy.


All of the kids depart their separate ways; Allie and Mikey are outcasted, Mary pilots a blimp and keeps children from going to the Afterlife, Nick on the other hand finds kids and brings them to the afterlife, and Lief is sent to the Afterlife.

Figurative Language

There were many different idea of figurative language such as:
When Lief was in the pickle jar they described it as "Submerged in salty, liquid darkness."

When Lief was stuck in the jar for many hours he began to lose his grasp on hope the author used a simile and said "It was like the universe was wagging his accusing finger at him."

While Allie walked the deserted road the author used a personification of "Following dead tracks."

More Dialogue

When Nick discovers you can go to the afterlife while your in Everlost Nick tells children to go there. This tell more about the setting and more about Mary being a constant liar.


I think the theme to 'Everlost' was to live life to the fullest. It suggests this because Allie never realized how many things she wanted to do when she was alive. She missed the feeling of being alive while Nick learned to remember the things he accomplished and helped other children live life without being alive.