Welcome to E-Day!

Extended Day at ECS

What is E-Day?

  • E-Day is a full time tuition-based after-school program that provides a safe and fun environment for the students of ECS to play, study, and engage while parents finish up their workdays.
  • Programs occur at both the upper and lower schools, meeting the needs of all grade levels, in line with the school's mission, standards, and goals.
  • Each week, the E-Day staff has the privilege of sharing some of their own talents and passions with the children during enrichment workshops. Previous workshops have included various art classes, yoga, lectures from community organizations, dance, and cultural immersion.
  • Friday at E-day means Movie Day! Students get to enjoy popcorn and watch age-appropriate films on a big screen.

Daily Life

  • As school dismisses and E-Day begins, students are led from their classrooms to the cafeteria, where they may eat snack and socialize.
  • After snack, daily activities include outdoor free time and nature hikes, games and puzzles, arts and crafts, and story or reading time.
  • E-Day offers a daily homework lab for students to get a head start on their nightly assignments.
  • Each day wraps up with playtime outside or in the gym, which every child needs at the end of a full school day. Parents pick up their children by no later than 6PM.

Get to Know the E-Day program!

If you would like to enroll, or are in need of more information, we invite you to take a look around our website, or contact E-Day Director Kristan Abeshouse at kristan.abeshouse@environmentalcharterschool.org

We look forward to meeting you and your child!