Buildologie Bulletin

January 2019

New Year, New Hardware

Wow, January has flown by so quickly! Our Ross 5th graders have been very busy in Buildologie. They learned about a variety of sensors they can use to assist their robot in navigating the playfield. Then, they jumped right into completing missions for their new project: Hydrodynamics.

Hydrodynamics at Play|Code|Compete

Teams are just getting started on their projects for some big events coming up in about 10 weeks. First, they'll have a showcase, where they'll invite parents and other classes to see their work. The following week, judges will come in and choose a finalist from each class. Each finalist will be invited to compete against all the others at this year's Play|Code|Compete, formerly known as the Scratch-Off.
Big picture
The Hydrodynamics theme for the Buildologie project this spring is aligned with 5th grade's Benchmark Unit 8, which asks, "What does water mean to people and the societies they live in?" Teams are choosing a part of the Human Water Cycle (how we obtain, use, transport, and dispose of water) to research. Meanwhile, they are programming their robots to carry out a variety of water-related tasks, such as replacing pipes, installing filters, putting out fires, and so on.
In the video above, you'll see the robot successfully install the water filter by pushing it into place. Then, the team is working on combining this program with another mission. They haven't gotten the path quite right, but after more testing and adjustment, they'll get it!

Written by Heather Boling

Heather is AESD's Bytes & Bots Digital Learning Coach. She write curriculum, plans events such as Play|Code|Compete, works with mentors and teachers, and much more! She has recently also taken on Code Campus and AESD's new eSports curriculum, Nurturing Positive Competitors.