Formative Assessment

Strategies and Benefits

How have you been formatively assessed?

Think about your previous experiences...How and when have you been formatively assessed? Outcomes?
Assessment FOR Learning - an example - I want to be the starting tailback

Examples of Formative Assessment

When incorporated into classroom practice, the formative assessment process provides information needed to adjust teaching and learning while they are still happening. The process serves as practice for the student and a check for understanding during the learning process. The formative assessment process guides teachers in making decisions about future instruction. Here are a few examples that may be used in the classroom during the formative assessment process to collect evidence of student learning.

How does this type of assessment encourage learning as opposed to measuring learning? Find 3 ideas for formative assessment that you think you might be able to use in your classroom from the link below. Be prepared to share with the group.

Why Formative Assessment Matters

Summative assessments, or high stakes tests and projects, are what the eagle eye of our profession is fixated on right now, so teachers often find themselves in the tough position of racing, racing, racing through curriculum.

But what about informal or formative assessments? Are we putting enough effort into these?

Formative Assessment