Cold War NewsLetter

Editor: Ashley Baldwin

The Assassination of Kennedy

November 22 Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas TX. He was killed by a sniper, as he rode in his car. He was shot in the head and died because of the wound to his brain. Shortly after Lee. H. Oswald was accused of the killing of the president.

" It was a big shock and there was a lot of confusion. Some people prayed, while schools let the kids leave school early." Said Kenneth Baldwin

The Falling of the Berlin Wall

On November 9, 1989 the communist party of west Berlin announced that they were now free to cross the wall. everybody started drinking beer and champagne and moved as fast as they could across the wall. More than 2 million people visited west Berlin that weekend in celebration. People took hammers and things to brake chunks off the wall

"People were excited to be able to leave and be able to come in. Some people were glad to finally be able to see there family." said Conny Pawlik

The Space Race

The United States & Soviets

The mid 1950's the U.S.-soviets cold war worked its way into both countries. There was growing threats of nuclear weapons between the 2 countries. When the U.S. announced that they were going to launch the first satellite the soviets took it as a challenge. The soviets won the first race they got the first satellite in space they also won the second race and got the first man into space and to orbit earth. How ever Kennedy wanted to be the first to land on the moon after several test flight, Neil Armstrong was sent into space and was the first man to land on the moon.

"As a kid growing up everybody talked about it and if you turned on the tv it was all over the news." Said Mike Baldwin

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