Daniel Moreno


Getting to scotland

To get to Scotland,Edinburgh we have to take united airline at the price of $1,976 having ony two stops wich are Boston and Newark.And the flight will be 30 hours starting at 5:20pm and ending at 9:15pm.Apart from the flight i chose to rent a car so i can get to my destination's


Where to Stay

I would stay at Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonian for a week.prices ranging at $227 with a deluxe Room, 1 King Bed, View (Castle) wich is an amazing suite for any tourist visiting scotland http://www.kayak.com/Edinburgh-Hotels-Waldorf-Astoria-Edinburgh-The-Caledonian.19761.ksp


I would go to Holyrood Park (it can be also called Queen's Park orEven King's Park )about a mile to the east of Edinburg.The is also lakeLoch Ness a large, deep, freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands, Lake lochness is also allegedly the home of the lochness monster also known as (Nessie).apart from these sight's is Urquhart Castle an old castle built in the 13th century.Apart from these activities there are others such as Sailing,hiking,Biking and sight seeing historic attractions such as The library of innerpeffray or the rutherglen town hall, scotland holds alot of it's history and its always sitting right in front of you in it's own true glory.




One of the problems i might have in scotland is exchanging currency scince a brittish pound is worth 1.68 an US dollar


But tyhat can be easily converted at several locations like a bank or an ATM.


I chose this location because it is absolutely stunning location because of the fascinating historic sights engraved in it's land and the traditions they still follow to this very day.

I have learned that planning a trip is very difficult and expensive but i havealso learned that there is more to it than just a simple location (it might just hold something greater than what you think).



About the Traveler

I have traveled to several states in my life through car and airplane with my family and other relatives from here to florida,california,wasington and montana i have traveled so much it astounds me.