Karenton Duncan


About Me

My Name is Karenton Angel Duncan I am currently a Senior at Childersburg High School. I am the Daughter of Karen and Tony Duncan. My Mom graduated from McKinley High and my Dad graduated from Talladega County Central High School. I played Basketball for 2 years, my 7th and 8th Grade Year. After I graduate High School I plan on going to a 4 year college and get my majors in Cosmetology.



  • To Obtain a cosmetology Scholarship and have my own shop in the Future.

9619 Plant Rd

Alpine, AL 35014

January 21, 2016

Paul Mitchell Schools

Director of Human Resources

1694 Montgomery Highway, Suite 124

Hoover, Alabama 35216

Dear Director of Human Resources:

As an 12th Grade student at Childersburg High School I will graduate in May and am looking for the next step in my life.. I am very familiar with doing makeup and have a lot of experience in this area. I would love to begin my freshman year at the Paul Mitchell School in the fall of 2016.

I have great experience with doing hair and makeup. I’ve been volunteering in a hair shop for the past couple of months and I would love to put that experience to use at your School.

I hope to hear from you very soon with good news. You may contact me through email duncank5@tcboe.net or by phone 256-375-2917 if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to being apart of your School in the future.


Karenton Duncan


Childersburg High School

122 Fay S. Perry Dr.

Childersburg, Alabama 35044

  • Standard Diploma

Computer Skills:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Prezi
  • Snipping Tool


  • Beta's Club (2011-2012)
  • JV Basketball (2011-2012)
  • Office Assistant (2015-2016)


Lori Reed

School Counselor

Childersburg High School

122 Fay S. Perry Dr.

Childersburg , Alabama 35044

(256)- 315- 5475


Sharon Wright



Childersburg High School

122 Fay S. Perry Dr.

Childersburg , Alabama 35044



Misty Mitchell


Environmental Science

Childersburg High School

122 Fay S. Perry Dr.

Childersburg, Alabama 35044

(256)- 315-5475


Cover Letter:

Karenton Duncan

9619 Plant Road

Alpine, Alabama 35014

Paul Mitchell School

1694 Montgomery Highway, Suite 124

Hoover, Alabama 35216

(256) 824-4442

To Whom it May Concern,

I am currently a senior at Childersburg High School and would like to attend Paul Mitchell School in Birmingham after I Graduate.

Becoming a future cosmetologist is my major, which is a hands-on training experience. A cosmetologist , is a person who gives beauty treatments to the hair and skin. I believe that I have the potential to do these things.

I am very excited about the cosmetology field and I am looking forward to beginning my career in this field.


The action of working with someone to produce or create something. Collaboration is to work together as a group to get the job done.

Writing Sample.


By: William Shakespeare

On a dark night, midnight to be exact Bernardo was out in the cold watching out for the castle. He heard footsteps approaching and he got scared and called out to whoever it may be, but when he turned around he seen that it was Francisco and Francisco saw that he was cold so he told him to go get some rest but while headed if he see Horatio and Marcellus then tell them to hurry cause he was "scared." While Francisco and Horatio nem out watching the castle the ghost of King Hamlet appears and they gets scared, but Horatio doesn't believe the fact that there is an actual ghost until he sees it and is "dared" to talk to the ghost but then gets mad when the ghost doesn't speak back, he just leaves. Later on down the play Laertes prepares to leave for France. Ophelia agrees to keep Laertes' advice as a "Watchman" close to her heart but urges.

"Rising Action"

Claudius and Hamlet's mother welcomed Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, two of Hamlets friends to the castle. They was concerned about Hamlets behavior about his father's death, so Claudius and The queen welcomed them so they can cheer him up, or at least discover the cause of it. And so Rosencrantz and Guildenstern agrees to help out with Hamlet. Hamlet starts "Acting" crazy and starts calling Polonius a Fishmonger, when he don't even know him or anything, he was assaulting Polonius. Also he talks to his Friends and compares living in Denmark to prison, basically saying that prison would be better.


The queen (Gertrude) and Polonius wait for Hamlet's arrival. Polonius plans to hide in order to spy on Gertrude's confrontation with Hamlet, in hope that doing so it will enable him to determine the cause of Hamlet's bizarre and threatening behavior. Polonius urges Gertrude to be harsh with Hamlet when he arrives, saying that she should chastise him for his recent behavior. Hamlet is upset and storms into the room and asks his mother why she sent for him, she tries saying something about Claudius but before she could say anything Hamlet interrupts her. He accosts her with an almost violent intensity and declares his intention to make her fully aware of the profundity of her sin. The ghost, which is King Hamlet, has come to remind Hamlet of his purpose which is to seek revenge upon his "uncle" Claudius.

"Falling Action"

As Horatio speaks to the sailors, Claudius and a calmer Laertes discuss Polonius's death. Claudius explains that he acted as he did, burying Polonius secretly and not punishing Hamlet for the murder, because both the common people and the queen love Hamlet very much. A messenger enters with a letter form Hamlet to Claudius , which informs the king (Claudius) that Hamlet will return tomorrow. Laertes is pleased that Hamlet has come back to Denmark, since it means that his revenge will not be delayed. Claudius agrees that Laertes deserves to be revenged upon Hamlet, and he is disposed to encourage Laertes to kill Hamlet, since Hamlet's behavior has made him a threat to Claudius's reign. He recalls that Hamlet has been jealous in the past of Laertes' prowess with a sword, which was recently praised before all the court by a Frenchman who had seen him in combat. The king concocts a backup plan, that if Hamlet succeeds in the duel, Claudius will offer him a poisoned cup of wine to drink from in celebration. Ophelia, mad with grief, drowns in the river. Claudius summons Gertrude to follow. He tells her it was nearly impossible to quiet Laertes' rage, and worries that the news of Ophelia's death will reawaken it.


Hamlet tells Horatio how he plotted to overcome Claudius's scheme to have him murdered in England. He replaced the sealed letter carried by the unsuspecting Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, which called for Hamlet's execution, with one calling for the execution of the bearers of the letter- Rosencrantz and Guildenstern themselves. He tells Horatio that he has no sympathy for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who betrayed him and catered to Claudius, but that he feels sorry for having behaved with such hostility toward Laertes. Osric tries to flatter Hamlet by agreeing with everything he says, even when he contradicts himself; in the space of seconds, he agrees first that it is cold, then that it is hot. he come to tell them that Claudius wants Hamlet to fence with Laertes and that the king has made a wager with Laertes that Hamlet will win. A lord enters and asks Hamlet if he is ready to come to the match, as the king and the queen are expecting him. Against Horatio's advice, Hamlet agrees to fight, saying that "all's ill here about my heart," but that one must be ready for death, since it will come no matter what one does. They select foils and the king says that if Hamlet wins the first or second hit, he will drink to Hamlet's health, then throw into the cup a valuable gem and give the wine to Hamlet. The duel begins. Hamlet strikes Laertes but declines to drink from the cup, saying that he will play another hit first. He hits Laertes again, and Gertrude rises to drink from the cup. The king tell her not to, but she does anyway. In an aside, Claudius murmurs, "It is the poison'd cup: it is too late. They fight again, and Laertes scores a hit against Hamlet, drawing blood. At the end, everyone dies expect for Horatio, before Hamlet dies he tells Horatio to promise he, he will live to be able to tell the REAL Story. Young Fortinbras gets the Kingdom and will become the new KING.

College/Technical School.

I Am planning on attending Paul Mitchell School in Birmingham, AL when I graduate in 2016. I will be majoring in cosmetology when I attend. I wanted to become a cosmetologist because many people, including my mom have been encouraging me to do it and also because I love to do hair and Makeup.