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APRIL 2013

Hello, Adventureland Parents!

Jesus is alive. Wow! That news really shook up the world. It changed everything. In fact, you could call it “The Great Shakeup.”

Our Bottom Line this month is, “Jesus wants me to tell others about Him.” We’re starting the month sharing the Great Commission with our preschoolers. We want them to get excited about telling others about Jesus and how much He loves them. We’re encouraging preschoolers to, “Go tell everyone, everywhere about Jesus.”

Then, preschoolers will learn about men who did exactly what God asked of them. They went out and really shook things up. Our preschool friends will learn about Peter who shared about Jesus even when he was in jail. They’ll hear the story of Saul and how his life was changed and he became Paul. Finally, they’ll hear the story of Paul and Silas and how God really shook things up when they were in jail. All month long, preschoolers will discover how they, too, can shake things up by telling others about Jesus.

Please don't forget to use the "Small Talk" cards everyday so that you can minister to your child at home. You can pick up one every Sunday from your child's teacher.

It is one of the "SMALL" things you can do today and one day you will look back at a lifetime of leading your child into a personal relationship with their Heavenly Father.

Keeping the End in Mind!

Stephanie Ryan

Adventureland Director

Eastridge Community Church