Corps of Discovery Exploration

By Taylor Gates Hour 3


William Clark made 140 different maps and were given 30 maps from the Native Americans to help out. Clark based his maps/drawings off of the Missouri River, also because they had to stay close to it because they planned to follow it out to the Pacific Ocean.


There was also a dog brought with, and his name was Seaman. His owner was Meriwether Lewis and Seaman was a newfoundland breed. Lewis chose him because this breed was smart and strong and had good swimming ability. On one of the days on the expedition, Lewis wrote about how the dog was skilled at catching and killing small animals, which was important because sometimes their other food sources weren't reliable.

The Louisiana Purchase was 530 million acres of territory in North America that the U.S. purchased from France in 1803 for 15 million dollars. It doubled the size of what the U.S. was before, and is 1/3 of America today. The Louisiana Purchase was important because it made less conflict with foreign settlers on that land when they were going on the exploration, now that the land was claimed as ours.
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Firearms brought on the expedition were not intended to be used on people, as it would create enemies and could lead to not being able to trade with tribes for essentials like food. Instead, they were used for hunting food and natural history collections. They brought U.S. military rifles and service muskets outside of Lewis and Clark's personal guns. Trade guns, air guns, and a swivel gun were also brought on the trip. All the firearms from the expedition were single-shot with the exception of Lewis's air gun.