Eastwood Elementary Update

August 2019

Welcome Back!!!!

Hopefully you have been able to enjoy your summer and will have a few more exciting days before we begin school on Wednesday, August 21st! I have included some information for the school year that may be helpful and remember that the Eastwood website has the supply lists for each grade level. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer break and we are looking forward to starting up the 2019-2020 school year!

Changes for 2019-2020 school year.

We have many changes that are occurring for the 2019-2020 school year. With the addition of a fifth teacher in both the fourth and fifth grades, we have had some internal changes and we have also hired some new staff.

Mr. Gary Gardner will be the assistant principal. He is coming to our from Anthony Wayne Schools. He is replacing Mrs. Melissa Wagoner, who is now going to be our Special Education/Curriculum/PreSchool supervisor. She is replacing Dr. Ann McVey, who accepted a position in the Northwood School system.

I have listed our classroom teachers for each grade, as we have had some teachers move grade levels and have hired some new teachers.


Mrs. Powers, Mrs. Chudzinski, Mrs. Coger, Mrs. Chaffee and Mrs. Nafziger

First Grade

Mrs. Downey, Mrs. Selhorst, Mrs. Kozma, Mrs. Waddell and Mrs. Eckel

Second Grade

Mrs. Kramer, Miss Briggs, Mrs. Appelhans, Mrs. Girona and Mrs. Pease

Third Grade

Mrs. Sandberg, Mrs. Oestreich, Mrs. Hartman, Mrs. Conkle and Ms. Long

Fourth Grade

Mr. Ward, Miss Glanz, Mr. Szczublewski, Mrs. Schrader and Miss Cross

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Ortinau, Mrs. Griffith, Mrs. Schaffner and Mrs. Downs

Encore Teachers

Mrs. Speer, Mr. Hoffmann, Mrs. Walters, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Myers for grades K-4

5th graders go to the Middle School for their encore with

Mr. Roode, Mrs. Tong, Mr. Sabo, Mr. Wagner and Miss Stanfield

Title Teachers

Mrs. Leady and Mrs. Shiffler

Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Titus, Mrs. Eckel, Mrs. Straka, Ms. Rogers and Mrs. Leady

We are also excited to announce that our school counselor, Mrs. Asmus, will be full time! She will be able to support more students and meet with more students!

Open House and First Day of School!

Just a reminder that our Open House is scheduled for Monday, August 19th. The kindergarten through second graders have it from 5:45 until 6:45. The third graders through the fifth graders have it from 7:00-8:00. The bus drivers will be in the gymnasium for you to see the pick up and drop off times for your children.

The first day of school is Wednesday, August 21st for all the first through fifth graders. Kindergarten will be on a staggered start with only some coming in each day for the first three days. On Monday, the 26th, all kindergarten students will be attending regularly.

Meet the new assistant principal!

Hello Eastwood Elementary Families and Residents!

As a former student, resident, parent, and coach in the Eastwood School District, I am thrilled to be returning to this fantastic district as the elementary assistant principal. While I already know many of you, I am looking forward to meeting everyone and working with you to collaboratively make this a terrific school year.

Prior to coming to Eastwood as an administrator, I completed a very enjoyable career as the principal of a 5th and 6th grade building at Anthony Wayne and taught at both Otsego and Perrysburg. While I loved my years in those districts, I am very happy to be coming “home” to Eastwood.

Outside of work, I enjoy running, playing golf, playing softball, traveling, and spending time with my family (wife: Sallie, sons: Evan & Mitchell)

There are so many great people at the elementary and I am excited to be a part of this team!

See you all soon and Go Eagles!

Summer Kindergarten Screening

Just a reminder that our summer screening will be held on Monday, August 5th from 8:30 untiil 12:00.

If you haven't already had screening or signed up for the summer screening, please contact Laurie Ruch at the Central Office.

State Testing Results

State testing results are in and we did well! We are in the adjusting of percentages stage, where there are rules that affect the scores that are looked at. If a student isn't here for 120 days, their score does not count for the teacher or school, but those are not eliminated in initial scores and will alter scores, so we will post them in future months. We do know, however, that everyone worked hard and gave a great effort on their tests, which is all we are asking!

We will send home state testing results for students in the fall.

Building a Better Culture takes everyone!

As we plan for next year, we will be continuing to make every effort possible to build a strong culture in our building. We know that students are growing and learning and make mistakes, but we really want to emphasize the need to respect and accept each other. If we can work to build each student's belief in themselves and of others, we are doing more than any instructional book will ever do. Even though discipline will be apart of some student's learning process, we really want to focus on the positives and those making the right choices. Please encourage your child, especially in the social media arena, to make choices that don't effect others negatively. We encourage you to be highly involved in your child's social media platform. You should know who and what is happening with them, for their safety. Everyone makes mistakes but the more we support and stay involved in our young student's lives, the higher the chance that they will make great choices!
Big picture

Class Lists

We will be posting class lists this Friday, August 2nd. We will post them at the Elementary, along with the libraries in Pemberville, Luckey and Stoney Ridge. We will also post them at Central Office, which was Pemberville Elementary.

I know there have been questions as to why we wait to post them until August, so I wanted to explain the rationale. With the addition of new students and the withdrawing of students, this creates uneven class sizes, which we don't want to have. So the first few days back in August we try to even the classes out and then deal with any move-ins or outs after posting the lists the best we can. We just need the flexibility to balance lists out before posting the class lists.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this process.

Field Day

We are planning on having our field day in September this year. It is a different approach but hopefully the weather will cooperate better and since we have turning it into a team building approach, we are hoping it will be a great beginning of the year activity. Once a day and time is secured, we will let you know.

Important Dates


5th- Kindergarten Screening from 8:30-12:00 at Central Office.

19th- Opening Day for Staff

- Open House for the Elementary....5:45-6:45 for K-2nd and 7:00-8:00 for 3rd-5th

20th- Teacher Work Day

21st- First Day of School for all 1st through 5th graders and K is on a staggered schedule


2nd- No School- Labor Day

3rd- No School- Teacher In-service Day

11th- Picture Day

We are looking at having our Field Day towards the end of this month and will make you aware as soon as we finalize the dates.


25th- End of 1st quarter

- Picture Retakes