kemba walker VS riki tiki

Characteristics that they both share

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kemba walker and riki- tiki are both angry. Riki - tiki is mad because the birds will not stop chirping and kemba walker is mad because he did not make the all star game.


Riki-tiki and kemba walker are both brave riki tiki jumped on two feet and said it is impossible to b afraid and kemba walker is brave because every day that he walks onto a basketball court there is at least 1 million people watching him play.


riki tiki is protective because he said he is safer with a beast rather than a blood hound. Kemba walker is very protective of his teammates because if some one is messing with his teammate he will stand up for that person.


Riki tiki is very confident because he sai dthat h survived a blood from behind which makes me more confident. Kemba walker is very confident beause when he is I a game he is not going to be doubting hiself he will be telling him self that he is the best one that has every played basketball.


Riki tiki is very friendly because he jumped on his friends shoulder. Kemba walker is very friendly because it stead of just walking off kemba walker signs auto graphs and talks to the fans sometimes.


Kemba walker is very intelligent and so is riki -tiki. Kemba walker is very intelligent because he has a really good basketball Iq because when he is on the basketball court he knows when to make a pass or went to use a step back. Riki- tiki is intelligent because he figured out that some eggs are going to hatch soon and each one can kill a man of mongoose.