Mount St. Helen's Volcano!

Read this to learn about Mount St. Helen's.

Mount St. Helen's formation and What its made of.

Mount St. Helen's forms when magma from the Earth's mantle travels to the surface. It erupts to make lava flows and ash explosions. Over time as the volcano continues to erupt, it will get bigger and bigger.The mountain includes layers of basalt and andesite. This volcano is a composite volcano.

Facts About Mount St. Helen's.

Mount St. Helen's is located most in one place. It is located Western of Washington. That is where the mountain is most known as where to be. In 1980, this volcano blew up more than 1 cubic kilometer of material. This is also the most active volcano in Washington . In the last 500 years this mount has had 4 major eruptions . On November 6 a new lava dome was made.


How high does Mount St. Helen's go up to? How many people did this volcano kill or hurt last eruption? When was the last time the volcano erupted? Is it active right now? Are people worried about this volcano?

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