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Hello and Happy MONDAY!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and got some sleep after that crazy Superbowl game last night! I don't know about you, but the stress of that game was enough to make me tired for the rest of the week!

Speaking of this week, just a reminder that this week is only a 4-day week! There will be no school this Friday since it was a snow make-up day that we didn't need to use! Make some plans to enjoy what looks to be a clear, chilly day! :)

This week we will be beginning a new social studies unit about the new nation created after the War for Independence! It is essentially our government unit where we will take the students' past understandings about the three branches of government and add to it new information about branch powers. checks and balances, and the Constitution. The bonus challenge for this social studies unit is to memorize the Preamble to the Constitution, as it lays out the "main idea" of the document! This will be the bonus question on every daily grade and test! This tends to be a tough unit, so please make sure that students are reviewing at home. Like with most of the 4th grade social studies units, it is a LOT of information! Here are the AKS: :)

The New Nation

 analyze the challenges faced by the new nation (GPS) (4SS_G2008-47)

 differentiate natural rights as found in the Declaration of Independence (the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) (GPS) (4SS_G2008-48)

 compare and contrast “We the People” from the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution as a reflection of consent of the governed or popular sovereignty (GPS) (4SS_G2008-49)

 explain the federal system of government in the U.S. (GPS) (4SS_G2008-50)

 discuss the importance of freedom of expression as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (GPS) (4SS_G2008-51)

 describe the functions of the government (GPS) (4SS_G2008-52)

 explain the importance of Americans sharing certain central democratic beliefs and principles, both personal and civic (GPS) (4SS_G2008-53)

 describe how physical systems affect human systems in regard to development of a new nation (GPS) (4SS_G2008-54)

 use the basic economic concepts of trade, opportunity cost, specialization, voluntary exchange, productivity, and price incentives to illustrate historical events specific to the development of a new nation (GPS) (4SS_G2008-55)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Jordan Myers

The kids noticed that they knew a little something when they saw this commercial before the Superbowl... :)

Super Bowl - Johnny Cash - Ragged old Flag

Topics we are Covering:

Reading: Central Idea and Supporting Details

Grammar: Review

Writing: Informational Writing

Social Studies: A New Nation

Science: NONE

Math: Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Word Work: -ible and -able

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