D.C. Nerds

BY: BJ Warner

All About Me

I was born one hot day on January 13th 2002, at two o'clock in the morning while we were in the Jacksonville Florida hospital. As a child I was very playful and I always helped around the house. Then my family moved to Texas in 2005 I started to go to school right after we moved. I went to Boyd all the way up until I was in the second grade and then I moved to Spring-town. Then I moved back to Boyd in 6th grade in the middle of the year. I wrote the story a few days ago when I thought of the idea of the Three Little Pigs. My only hero is me I and only me!

My Intro, Rising action, Climax, and the conclusion

For my intro I explained the three nerds and Pedro after that. I laid out there entire lives and there family's also. My rising action is the boys coming into school and seeing Pedro fighting. Then my climax is when the boys get in a fight and then for the conclusion Pedro's mom came and apologized to the boys for Pedro starting a fight with the boys. After that the boys felt relieved that they wouldn't be picked on again.


Bill, Tim, Rob all are very non-social people,They don't like to talk to anyone but each other. They all are quiet. Bill has a speech problem he got it when he was a young boy. Tim stands behind the other two boys in problems. Rob is the strongest of all the boys. they are smarter than anyone else in the school.


the time period is the present. The story takes place in Washington D.C.. There are trees around the area and there's a lot of bushes lining the sidewalk. The area effects the characters by living by the white house, the most protected building in the world.

point of view

I used 3rd person in the story.

sensory, Figurative, Imagery language

i used imagery when i explained Pedro's story. And i also used sensory language when i was talking about the boys and there life and story. when i used imagery it really told the story of Pedro with emotion.