The Cotton Economy

Cotton so fun

8 Facts About Cotton

Cotton is one of the main crops.

Cotton was used as a exchange for weapons.

When they searched old cotton sites they found iron scissors.

Brownsville was a major port for cotton shipment.

If cotton stop it would hurt lots of things.

Juan Cortina helped a lot with cotton.

Santos Benavides helped make a safe passage for cotton.

Cotton was used to buy clothes

My Quote

Santos Benavides, shown left, led the defense of Laredo in 1864 and arranged for the safe passage of Texas cotton during the Union occupation of Brownsville.

My 3 Questions

Why is cotton the main plant. It was hard to get and useful.

Why is it important. It gets them supplies.

Why do they need it. It can help them.

What I think of cotton

To me cotton is kind of boring but back then they really needed it. It helped them get supplies weapons clothes. Cotton really was important back then. Now we use it really only for clothes. That is what I think about cotton.