Stones In Water

Who Would Know the Danger of the Movies?

A Little Bit About Roberto

Roberto was a normal Christian. He had a brother, a mother, and two best friends. One Jew, one Christian. Both enemies. Roberto had a normal life, until the Nazis came.

The Route

It all started with a longing, and not just any longing. It was the longing to go to an American Western movie that started the exchange between Roberto and Memo. To borrow money, Roberto would have to give Memo and his future girlfriend a ride in his father's gondola. After some hesitation, Roberto accepts. Then, seeing his friend Samuele nearby, Roberto invites him, and the happy trio head to their homes to get ready. Later, while sneaking around in his bedroom, Roberto's brother, Sergio, discovers his secret and decides to go with them. Sneaking out of the house happened successfully, and the four boys headed casually for the theater.


When Roberto, Sergio, Memo, and Samuele arrive at the movie theater, they pay for their tickets and sit down on the seats. Finally, to all of the boys in the packed theater's delight, the American film starts and the lights go down. Suddenly, the lights come on and the movie stops. The only door slams open and many Nazi solders come rushing in, herding the boys into a straight line. Some of the boys try to escape, and are shot immediately. Shaking with fear, Roberto, Sergio, Memo, and Samuele try to stay calm and tell each other to stay together. The next thing they knew, the boys were Nazi prisoners.

A New Adventure

And so an adventure like no other begins. Separated from Sergio and Memo, Samuele and Roberto must stick together no matter what. From building cages for captured Jews to stealing eggs, they must hide a dangerous secret that could get them both killed.

What Others Think...

"An intense, gripping tale."-School Library Journal

" ... Few books view the Holocaust from this vanage point..."-SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

" ... Riveting... A memorable survival story..."-KIRKUS

" ...Children will be riveted by Roberto's struggle to stay alive -- and aid others along the way -- against enormous odds..."-PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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This book was first published on October 1, 1997