Albert Fish

The Gray Man

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Born: May 19. 1870, In Washington DC.

Parents: Randall Fish, Ellen Fish

Sibling: Walter Fish, Annie Fish, and Edwin Fish

Children: Henry Fish, John Fish, Anna Fish, Albert Fish, Eugene Fish, and Gertrude Fish


Did not attend any school

Started working as a male prostitute

Significant Event

World War 1 started in 1914.

Details of Crime

He , kidnapped, raped, and molesting over 400 people in his lifetime.

He only killed 10-25 people that they know of.

He sometimes ate the children after he killed them.

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Grace Budd was the main girl every knew most about.

He took her to this cottage in Westcheater County, New York, and he raped her and strangled her and then he ate her.


He wrote letters Grace Budd family letters about what he did to her. And since everyone knew about it he just turned himself in to the police.
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Outcome of Case

He was found Guilty on March 22, 1935

He got sentenced to the death penalty and got the electric chair.

He found pleasure out of it also.

Where abouts

He was executed by the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison on January 16, 1936.


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