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Always Ask For GIA Certification Before Buying Diamonds

Although there are different certificates for diamond grading, the most widely accepted certificate is that of GIA. GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America. This certificate is considered to be of gold standard in the diamond industry. Their gradation of the diamond can easily be trusted. Each of these diamonds have been manually checked and certified individually by a GIA certified gemologist. However, this keeps the element of human errors alive. For example, you can always find a VS2 grade diamond which is superior to another VS2 diamond. Thus, it is imperative that you find a jeweler or diamond vendor whom you can trust. However, GIA provides great starting points as well as a sense of assurance for novices. There are many diamond testing labs around and some of these have higher test standards compared to others. GIA is very consistent and thus, a GIA certified diamond is usually trustworthy.

Once you have found a seller who deals in GIA certified diamonds, it is time to check that your chosen diamond is performing exceedingly well in the 4C's. For this, you can always ask for a highly magnified image of the diamond you are about to buy. Jewelers provide up to 40 times magnified images for diamonds. At this level of zoom, you can always find the hidden flaws of any diamond. Then you can decide if you really want to buy that diamond or not.

After this, take the diamond in your hand and check it with the naked eye. Look really close and rotate the diamond to check if there are any visible dents or marks on the diamond. Also, note how sparkling and shiny the diamond really is. Diamonds often have a yellow tint or a milky opacity. Make sure that your stone is free from those flaws.

Once you are satisfied with each of the visual aspects of the diamond, you can now pay for that stone.

An interesting and handy thing to know is GIA inscribes a unique identification number to all the diamonds they certify. This way, anyone can easily track the diamond. Ask your jeweler to show you this code. You can also find this code in the magnified image which we recommend you to see before the purchase. This code is generally found at the edge of the diamond. This number assures that the diamond is really graded by GIA and you can buy it without anymore hesitation.

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Valentin Magro

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