Challenge Based Learning

Mrs. Caywood's Summer School Class

A Little Background Information:

Just 19 days ago we began a journey together to learn about the continent of Africa and learn how kids halfway around the world in Liberty, MO can make a difference in helping to share information about a range of topics affecting animals in Africa. Within this Smore' you will find a wide variety of presentations to show ways to Save the Savannah, decrease poaching, saying no to wildlife products, saving the Silverback Gorilla, and cutting down our carbon footprint.

Students participated in research activities and had to create a public awareness campaign for their topic that included information about their animal or cause, what is being done to help them, what can be done to help them, pictures/video, audio, and at least one primary source. I think you will see that they lived up to their end of the bargain and have realized the power of project based learning.

Completed Projects

Chayce's Weebly Website about "SAVING THE ELEPHANTS"

Brooke and Rachel's YouTube Video: Cutting Your Carbon Footprint

Jack's Smore and YouTube Video: Save the Savannah

Lauren's ThingLink about Saving the Savannah

Kolton's Smore' about Helping the Elephants and Rhinos

Aryana's YouTube Video Helping Us Say No To Wildlife Products

Jennifer's Animoto Video: Answer The Call to Save the gorilla

Zachary's Presentation Smore: Save the Rhinos and Elephants

TJ, Zachary, and Andrew's SlideRocket: It's In Your Paws

Olivia and Molly's SAVE THE BIG CATS Presentation

Ethan's SlideRocket: Leave The Lions Alone

Chris' Video: Save The Elephants