The Military

Being an Infantry officer


To be in the military you have to pass a PFT ( Physcal fitness Test). But before you do that you have to pass basic training.Basic training is to help you pass the PFT and to have the basic skills needed in the military.After you have passed all that, you go through R.o.t.c.(Reserved Officers Training Corps). You get to go through college for reduced cost or for free but you have to take certain courses. You have to take Basic officer leadership course 1,2 and,3 to be an infantry officer. After you have done R.O.T.C , you then have to serve in the army for eight years

What being an infantry officer involves.

When being an infantry officer you may command up to 300 soliders. This includes controlling infantry and combined armed companies. You would be developing doctrines, organizations and equipment for unique missions.Instructing infantry skills at service schools and combat training centers. Serving as an infantry advisor to other units, including Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve organizations.Develop offensive and defensive battle plans.Coordinate plans with armor, artillery, and air support units.

Job outlook and salary

The job outlook in the military is up for debate. Right now military budget cuts are being discussed for the 2016 fiscal year so jobs could be cut as well.But on the other hand with ISIS growing bigger, they are a threat to be dealt with and could be a source of more military jobs to fight them.As for the salary the militay has several different pay grades and depending on how long you have been in the miltary the pay will change. You could get payed anywhere from 35,000 a year for an O-1 officer that has worked for less than two years.All the way to 237,000 for an O-10 general that has worked for more than 38 years. But thats a seperate job.


  1. what skills do you need? The ablity to make quick decisions, bearing numerous responsibilties are some
  2. Is there any room for advancement? Yes, you can always rank up but it takes time.
  3. why do you want to go into this career? They will teach you a lot of valueable skills, and i want to be apart of something bigger than myself.
  4. What might people not know about this career? This career isnt just about being tough, you also have to be quick witted and smart.
  5. What does a day in the life of this career look like? You would probably be in a command room, positioning troops and coming up with battle strategies.