Spanish 3 Online

Week 12 Update

¡Hola Parents and other stakeholders!

This week we are working on completing U6. There is also a combined unit project (U5/6) that is due this week. To help the students do their very best on this project I have posted a tutorial in today's announcement and will post another presentation tomorrow that recaps the grammar students are required to use on this project (complete with examples). Remember that in order to be successful in this course, students must demonstrate proficiency with the grammar. Also, it is important that your student turn in the project on time. During the last 9 weeks, there were some students who tried to turn in the U3/4 project right on the heels of completing the U2 project. I felt like they weren't able to do their best on either project because they were cramming. If you have any questions about this assignment, please let me know.
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Progress Reports

On Tues. I submitted grades for progress reports. Please ask to see your student's current grade. With the holidays fast approaching it's important that your student work on pace.
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If your student is struggling encourage them to contact someone at the PTC. It's easy, free and SECURE. All sessions are one on one and there is a team of teachers who monitor activity in the PTC.

Contact Sra. Blachy

Click on the link to my doodle page if you would like to schedule a phone conference.