"Dear America Freedoms Wings"

Sharon Dennis Wyeth

story plot

Exposition: The story "My America Freedom's" The Wings" takes place in Kentucky,1857 pg1.The main character are Corey,Angel,and Rolando.Corey thinks that his father was capture from the catchers so know Corey is going to try to find his father

Rising Action:Corey is close to be finding his father one of the Quaker people told Corey that his mom can't go with him so Corey mom is going rest.And a boy or guy name Tut took Corey to Oberlin but before they got to Oberlin Tut was capture by the catchers so Corey is going to have to go to Oberlin by himself pg72.Corey got to Oberlin and was asking people about his dad but no one know about his dad but Corey never stop asking people about his dad.

Climax:Corey found his dad his dad saw him in a poster of Corey and he had heard Corey singing the bird song pg85 Corey was wondering where was was his father this hole entire time Corey dad was working for a men he was cleaning a boat when they got to Owl Creek where Corey mom was when Corey found out that he had a sister.when they went back where Corey dad work they went on a boat and Corey and his family finally was free

Falling Action:Corey was free and he was wearing his red shirt that his mom made him.He felt that he would always be with his family no matter what.And the underground rail road be his freedom wings pg91.

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My conflict is man vs man because Corey is trying to find his dad.Bravery because Corey doesn't care about the catchers he only cares about finding his dad.My protagonist is Corey because he is a slave and he is trying to brake out being a slave and be free and never get seperate ever again.My antagonist are the catchers because they catch slaves that are every were and the once that are free from being a slave.


One fact is that it takes place at Kentucky 1857 the second fact is that Corey's dad was getting sell but he escape with Charles Corey mom had a baby that is a girl the fourth fact is that the preacher came to Corey cabin and talking about going to north on the underground rail road