Valley View: Reminders

May 24 - June 3

Dear Valley View Parents & Caregivers,

Can you believe that we have arrived at the end of the school year already?! On behalf of the entire VV community we'd like to thank you for your patience, cooperation, flexibility, and for just simply being AWESOME throughout this rollercoaster of a year. It has not been easy by any means, and we acknowledge the added stress this year has caused for many of our families. They say it "takes a village," and this year certainly proved that! As we reflect on this school year, we can say with certainty that our students have been resilient and have found ways to thrive academically throughout the inconsistencies with in-person learning, the difficulties with technology, and the restrictions placed upon them while in our building. Thank you for all that you have done to make this school year as positive as possible! ❤️

Technology Collection Schedule

All devices distributed at the beginning of the school year are property of Berkeley County Schools and will need to be collected. We are asking parents to make note of the following days designated for collection of BCS items. Any items that are not returned will be reported as "missing" and parents are responsible for their safe return.

Parents will be asked to sign a return slip indicating all materials have been returned.

  • Tuesday, May 25th: Pre-K BRICK
  • Wednesday, May 26th: Kindergarten CLICK (between 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
  • Thursday, May 27th: 1st Grade CLICK (between 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
  • Friday, May 28th: 2nd Grade CLICK (between 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
  • Tuesday, June 1st: Kindergarten & 1st Grade BRICK
  • Wednesday, June 2nd: 2nd Grade BRICK
  • Thursday, June 3rd: any outstanding items (between 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
  • Friday, June 4th: any outstanding items (between 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM)

Items to Be Collected:

• iPads (with cases)

• Chargers (bricks & cords)

• Hotspots (if applicable)

• Stylus (if applicable)

• Any additional items requested by the homeroom teachers

*Parents will be charged for any iPads, cases, chargers, or hotspots that are not returned. Hotspots and iPads will be disabled when marked as missing.

Important Dates:

May 25th: Technology Collection for Pre-K Students

May 26th: Technology Collection Day/Yearbook Pick-Up for Kindergarten CLICK Students

May 26th: American Heart Association "Egg Roulette" live streamed at 9:30 AM

May 27th: Technology Collection Day/Yearbook Pick-Up for 1st Grade CLICK Students

May 28th: Technology Collection Day/Yearbook Pick-Up for 2nd Grade CLICK Students

May 28th: 🎉 Last Day for Pre-K Students 🎉

May 31st: Memorial Day: NO SCHOOL

June 1st: Technology Collection Day: Kindergarten & 1st Grade BRICK Students

June 2nd: Technology Collection Day: Second Grade BRICK Students

June 3rd: 🎉 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL for K-2 STUDENTS! 😎

June 3rd: Any outstanding technology should be dropped off & parents will need to pickup any student medications

June 4th: Last Day for Teachers (Admin will continue to work in the building)

June 4th: Last day to drop-off any outstanding technology before it is marked as "missing."

Any Questions or Concerns?

Please reach out to us! We are going to be extremely vigilant about making sure all appropriate BCS devices, accessories, textbooks and library books are collected by June 4th. The last day for teachers and assistants is Friday, June 4th. Administration will be in the building until June 17th. After that point, Administration will be in and out of the building starting mid-July and teachers will not return until August. It is extremely important that all outstanding materials/devices are turned in by June 4th.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated! 😊