Mrs. Hoehner's Weekly Wrap - Up

All you need to know about our life in 3rd grade!

Teacher's Corner!

I must admit, I am NOT great at technology but I am wanting to grow in this area, so I am stepping out of my comfort zone! I am trying my hand at creating this online flyer. This SMORE will provide you with info about our class. The COOLEST part is that I (with Mr. Cottrell's help) will be able to add web links that I feel are important to you and your child as well as begin able to add a fun photo gallery of our activities here at school! SO EXCITING! There is even a comment section for your questions or comments!

It is hard to believe we are wrapping up our first quarter of the school year! It really has passed so quickly. As I walk away for the classroom for this first break, I am already excited about getting back to work with them in a week. Thank you for sharing your kids with us this year!

Reading, Writing and Word Work

When we return to school, readers will continue focus on finding main ideas and supporting details. Students will also be learning strategies that will help them set goals and work deliberately in order to increase the level of text that they read.

As writers, students will wrap up their personal narratives and begin to focus on writing informative pieces. This is exciting as we will be writing information while we are learning to read it!

Word workers will be continuing to learn that there is a relationship between the sounds they hear and the letter combinations they see.

Math Madness

We are continuing to dive into the world of addition and subtraction! We have learned about several different strategies to use. We have also learned about the associative, commutative, and identity properties! Please ask your kids what these are. It's great learning if they can explain it to you.

We have been really working hard on solving word problems. These real-world connections can help make the learning "real" for you child. Please encourage them with word problems that they may be interested in!


FALL BREAK - NO SCHOOL October 19 - 23

Spooky School Night - October 27 6 - 7:30pm ( RSVP by clicking on the link below)

Fall Party - October 30

Election Day - NO SCHOOL Nov. 3

Parent Conferences - Nov. 11 & 12 3 - 6pm

Third Grade Musical - Nov. 19th