Master Book

Master Book A House For All Your Apps

By: Jet N.

Save some time with master book

Master Book will save you some time from doing all that switching and searching up websites. Master Book will allow you to go to all kinds of websites at the same time without typing up links that are ridiculously long use. Master Book and save some time

Master Book

Master Book is a website that can store other websites in it so instead of just going to different tabs an searching up a website. You are able to switch pages to learn more and on the second page of it there are website logos that you are able to click on and you will go to their pro website.

How it works:

Master Book is a website that you can search up at that is the website.

So Master Book allows you to store and use websites without changing tabs and searching it up. So how does it do that well this works because if you click on one of the logos of a popular website you use it will allow you to go straight to their professional website.

Click Me To Go To Master Book's Official Website

If you get to the page and are confused about the words at the top if you click on one of them it takes you to that page.


This project has effected our class strongly this project was a massacre of time management but this helped us to create something that will change our live. By firstly thinking of a problem in our lives and multiple of them. Then we picked one and studied how this effects us. Then we started to learn the science behind our specific problem. Then the BRAINSTORM so we had to think of 2 or 3 solutions. Over a couple of weeks we looked at them and saw which ones had the most perfections, least obstacles, and most things/ problems it can solve. The build of the prototype. Creating of the Commercial. And finally the time for reflections which is where we are at now. THANK YOU!!!

Master Book

Master Book = A House For All Your Apps