Drug Free [local]

scott sttue

What Scott Strode has done to help the community

He is one of the 10 top CNN heroes of 2012. He helped people with drug problems with exercise programs. All of his programs are free. Phoenix Multi-sport gives people activities to get healthy. Some of these are swimming, hiking, and biking. http://www.cnn.com/specials/cnnheroes/2012heroes

How Did it Help People

Drug Free will help people be more healthy and not do drugs.It is good for are earth.More young people will not git sick.

Background on Scott Strode

He started drinking when he was 15. He had cocaine. In 2006 Scott Strode founded the nonprofit Phoenix Multi-sport in Boulder, CO. He almost died of a drug overdose. He hit rock bottom, but became a hero by helping people overcome drug addictions. http://www.scottstrode.com/about.html
Heroes Tribute: Scott Strode

What I can do to help

I can help by helping people stop drinking and driving. I can help younger people get healthier by encouraging them to run, bike, and exercise. I can be a good role model by saying no to using drugs and alcohol and other harmful drugs.