The Enzyme Lab

(Part 2)

Methodology Part 2

We did all of the procedures listed by filling each test tube with a 6 mL solution and then letting it sit in the specific temperature of water for 5 minutes. Once it had reached a desired temperature, we put in 2 drops of the enzyme and recorded the change in pressure for 180 seconds while monitoring the temperature. We did all of these steps for temperature ranges from hot to cold.

Data Collection/Presentation

The data we collected for the 0-5 degree temperature range showed that the pressure only reached a maximum of 102.85. The maximum pressure recorded for the highest temperature, 50-55 degrees, was 105.27.
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The pressure of the lower temperature was significantly lower than that of the higher temperature, therefore proving that enzymes perform more effectively at higher temperatures. In some cases, an extremely high temperature will cause an anzyme to denature and it will not work